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AdultBar added the Tiny Boy to its cocktail database and is yellow in color and is good with afternoon tea foods and other new additions like the Brain Tumor and Cleanup Set also added to the cocktail website Morgane and the mixed drink Figwit and some of the best cocktails in the world like Average Pay cocktail.

Tiny Boy
Whisky White Peak - White Peak Whisky ex bourbon and STR casks with a higher proportion of oak.
Apple Cider - Apple cider is an unfiltered unsweetened non alcoholic beverage made from apples.

Layered whisky white peak and apple cider and served room temperature in a sherry glass.

Brain Tumor
Peach Liqueur - Peach liqueur with peach flavour also called Creme de Peche.
Whisky Cream - Whisky Cream is a cream liqueur based on whiskey where dairy is added with other ingredients and flavours.
Cherry Liqueur - Cherry flavoured liqueur also called Creme de cerise or kirsch or kirschwasser can also be called cherry brandy with alcohol cherry flavour and can be bitter or sweet and comes in a clear and bright red in color.
Grenadine - Grenadine is a pomegranate syrup and commonly used as a bar syrup. Its tart and sweet with a deep red colour.

Layered peach liqueur and whisky cream as well as cherry liqueur with grenadine and served room temperature in a ...

Cleanup Set
Allspice Dram Liqueur - Allspice Dram also known as pimento dram is an allspice flavored liqueur originally made in Jamaica.
Pineapple Juice - Pineapple juice is a sweet acidic liquid bright yellow in color and is made by crushing and pulping pineapple flesh and straining into juice.
Water - Water is a transparent tasteless odorless and nearly colorless chemical substance that is the main constituent of Earths streams lakes and oceans and the fluids of most living organisms.

Build in a glass by adding allspice dram liqueur and pineapple juice as well as water and served room temperature...

Brandy Apple Calvados Godet - Godet Calvados Michel Apple Brandy is a pale gold and shining colour and made with juicy apple and sweet spices.
Apple Cider - Apple cider is an unfiltered unsweetened non alcoholic beverage made from apples.
Cheese Camember - Camembert is a moist soft creamy surface ripened cows milk cheese. It was first made in the late 18th century at Camembert Normandy in northern France. It is similar to Brie.
Cocktail Bread - Cocktail bread made into a small loaf.

Build in a glass by adding brandy apple calvados godet and apple cider as well as cheese camember with cocktail b...

Whisky The New Zealand 16year - Dunedin double wood 16 year old blended whisky is a master blend of 70 percent single malt and 30 percent premium grain whisky which is created in the willowbank distillery in dunedin.
Pear Cider - Pear Cider is also called Perry is an alcoholic beverage made from fermented pears traditionally the perry pear.
Pear Dried - Pear that are sun dried or dehydrate with a soft texture.

Build in a glass by adding whisky the new zealand 16year and pear cider as well as pear dried and served room tem...

Average Pay
Whisky - Whisky or whiskey is a type of distilled alcoholic beverage made from fermented grain mash.
Lime Syrup - Lime syrup is great as an addition to many dessert dishes and as an accompaniment to certain drinks needing a zesty lift.
Soda Water Hemp - Hemp soda water with natural smooth taste of hemp or Cannabis.
Ice - Ice is water frozen into a solid state and can come in wet ice cubes and dry ice cubes and is used to chill cold and lightly delute cocktails to make them smoother.

Build in a glass by adding whisky and lime syrup as well as soda water hemp with ice including lime peel and se...

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