AdultBar list of cocktail measurements from milliliter (mL) ounce (oz) and centiliter (cL) used in a cocktail making and in all types of drink preparation from a dash to ounce shot nip and yard measurements and more information in alcohol by volume and proof alcohol table.

Yard1400 mL50 oZ140 cl
Jug1140 mL34 oZ100 cl
Quart1000 mL35 oZ100 cl
Tankard600 mL21 oZ60 cl
Pint570 mL20 oZ59 cl
Seidel560 mL20 oZ56 cl
Dimpled560 mL20 oZ56 cl
Beer Stein500 mL17 oZ50 cl
Handle 425 mL14 oZ42 cl
Schooner425 mL14 oZ42 cl
Zombie380 mL13.5 oZ38 cl
Goblet360 mL12 oZ36 cl
Snifter330 mL11 oZ33 cl
Balloon330 mL11 oZ33 cl
Highball300 mL10.5 oZ30 cl
Collins300 mL10.5 oZ30 cl
Rocks Double300 mL10.5 oZ30 cl
Pilsner300 mL10.5 oZ30 cl
Coffee300 mL10.5 oZ30 cl
Tumbler300 mL10.5 oZ30 cl
Highball Footed300 mL10.5 oZ30 cl
Middy285 mL10 oZ26 cl
Pot285 mL10 oZ26 cl
Geordie Schooner285 mL10 oZ26 cl
Hurricane250 mL8 oZ25 cl
Poco Grande250 mL8 oZ25 cl
Cup240 mL8 oZ24 cl
Cosmopolitan235 mL8 oZ24 cl
Wine200 mL7 oZ20 cl
Old Fashioned200 mL7 oZ20 cl
Rocks Footed200 mL7 oZ20 cl
Rocks200 mL7 oZ20 cl
Wine Grande200 mL7 oZ20 cl
Margarita150 mL5 oZ15 cl
Flute150 mL5 oZ15 cl
Gill150 mL5 oZ15 cl
Noggin142 mL5 oZ14 cl
Pony Tumbler140 mL5 oZ14 cl
Wine White135 mL5 oZ14 cl
Martini120 mL5 oZ12 cl
Saucer120 mL5 oZ12 cl
Sherry90 mL3 oZ9 cl
Large Peg60 mL2 oZ6 cl
Double60 mL2 oZ6 cl
Tot60 mL2 oZ6 cl
Jigger45 mL1.5 oZ4.5 cl
Short Shot45 mL1.5 oZ4.5 cl
Measure45 mL1.5 oZ4.5 cl
Nip30 mL1 oZ3 cl
Dram30 mL1 oZ3 cl
Ounce30 mL1 oZ3 cl
Roquille30 mL1 oZ3 cl
Peg30 mL1 oZ3 cl
Shot30 mL1 oZ3 cl
Pony30 mL1 oZ3 cl
Tablespoon15 mL0.5 oZ1.5 cl
Count15 mL0.5 oZ1.5 cl
Mouthful15 mL0.5 oZ1.5 cl
Good Splash10 mL0.4 oZ1 cl
Splash5 mL0.2 oZ0.5 cl
Teaspoon5 mL0.2 oZ0.5 cl
Dash3 mL0.1 oZ0.3 cl
100 %200
95 %190
90 %180
85 %170
80 %160
75 %150
70 %140
65 %130
60 %120
55 %110
50 %100
45 %90
40 %80
35 %70
30 %60
25 %50
20 %40
15 %30
10 %20
5 %10

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